4 Tips to Maximize Your SHRM Conference Experience

June 14, 2017

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Headed to the Big Easy to take part in this year's SHRM Conference? We are too, and we can’t wait to see you there. Stop by Booth 322 and get to know the Paycor + Newton team!

With the conference right around the corner, we’re offering a few expert tips so you can maximize your time away from the office and make the most out of the event. So before you head to New Orleans, read up on our insider tips to make the most out of your SHRM experience.

Make a Plan

With thousands of your HR peers canvassing the convention center, it will be easy to feel overwhelmed. And with so many sessions and HR knowledge at your disposal, it’s critical to devise a plan each day so you don’t have post-conference regrets. Make a list of your goals and ask yourself what you’re looking to achieve. Are you hoping to share practices with peers or pick their brain, or are you hoping to connect with customers? Once you’ve formulated your plan, select speakers that interest you and sessions that match your objectives. If you’re headed to SHRM with fellow colleagues, meet prior to your departure and make sure that each attendee understands their responsibilities at the conference.

Study Up

Treat every session you attend as a new opportunity to gain knowledge that will impact your team. So, don’t waltz into a session 5 minutes late not knowing what to expect. Instead, spend time researching the presenter, their organization and create a list of questions you’ve been dying to ask. Maybe you’ve experienced the same challenges as the speaker or your organizations have similar objectives. You wouldn’t have gained this important insight without doing your homework. Proper preparation will not only prove that the session meets your objectives and is worth your time, but it will allow you to actively engage and participate because you’re familiar with content the presenter will cover.

Stay in the Moment

Three-four days away from the office probably creates some anxiety, especially if multiple members of your team are engrossed in daily conference activities. While it’s a given that you will have to spend time responding to emails and focusing attention on other projects, do so away from the sessions. Closing your laptop and putting away your phone will ensure you’re engaged and taking advantage of this great opportunity. To help you focus, set aside 2 hours each day to resume working on any pressing requests or projects.

Blaze Your Own Trail

The pack mentality certainly applies at conferences. Attendees often rush to fill the room of the most popular speaker and you might be inclined to join the masses. But that’s why you devised a plan ahead of time and selected sessions that meet your personal interests and organization’s goals. If the “It” session or speaker is part of your strategy, great, but don’t just join the session with the longest line. You might make a valuable connection or gain an impactful insight among a group of ten peers.

Connect with Paycor at SHRM!

If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by Booth 322 and introduce yourself. We’d love to learn a little more about you and your organization. And if you’re interested in discovering how Paycor delivers best-in-class recruiting, onboarding, HR, payroll and time solutions, take a tour of our platform, schedule a consultation with one of our representatives or ask our team of experts to provide a demonstration at the conference!


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