Flowers for Dreams Makes a Difference with Paycor

September 4, 2018

Socially Conscious Florist Leverages Paycor’s Perform Human Capital Management (HCM) Solution to Help Grow Startup

CINCINNATI – Sept. 4, 2018 – Human Capital Management company Paycor today announced its partnership with Flowers for Dreams, helping them seamlessly manage and scale its team as they grow. The two companies sharing a passion for delivering great experiences and giving back to communities.

Founded in 2012, Chicago-based Flowers for Dreams initially started as a side project for Steven Dyme and Jo Dickstein, two college students looking to give back to the Chicago community. Working to create an experience worth sharing, Dyme and Dickstein sold flowers at graduation ceremonies and, with every bouquet sold, donated a backpack with school supplies to a local Chicago public school in need.

When interest turned to passion, Dyme and Dickstein evolved their idea from two flower peddlers into a full-scale business. Today, Flowers for Dreams sells locally-crafted, high-quality bouquets with handmade-only details – the card writing, design, packaging, delivery and more; everything is handled in-house for a unique product and experience. To continue sharing its good fortune, the business targets a local charity each month and contributes one-fourth of its profits to the chosen cause. To date, Flowers for Dreams has donated more than $300,000 to local charities since its 2012 launch.

As the business grew, so did the team and the responsibilities of managing each employee. New to managing a business, Dyme and Dickstein worked to piece together different vendors to handle backend processes, including accounting and payroll, and created a patchwork of disparate systems that didn’t communicate with each other, lacked importing and exporting features and was inefficient.

As a result, Flowers for Dreams went searching for a solution that could consolidate all of its needs in one place. Dyme and Dickstein ultimately chose Paycor for its ability to combine all required backend components into one solution, to be managed by one person, freeing up all others to focus on the business goals at hand. Not only was Paycor a fit from a technology standpoint, but from a value perspective as well.

Paycor has an employee-led volunteer program called “Community Partners” through which more than $1 million has been donated to charities and 970 events supported through its inception.

To watch the full Flowers for Dreams case study video, please visit:

Supporting Quotes

“Paycor’s Guiding Principles include ‘Take care of each other” and “Do the right thing,” – which extend beyond the walls of our offices. Everyone in our company has the power to put Paycor behind a cause they believe in, and that’s why our partnership with Flowers for Dreams is so special – we believe in the work they are doing,“ said Katy Bunn, Senior Director, at Paycor. “We’re proud to be the first all-in-one HCM partner for Flowers for Dreams and look forward to witnessing the company’s continued growth and success not only as a business, but in the community as well.”

“After being a Paycor customer for more two years, we’re confident that the HCM solution will be the solution that we’ll use as we grow from thirty employees – where we are now – to hundreds of employees – where we aim to be. It’s very important that we have a partner that not only fits us today but can scale with us for the future – and we’ve found that in Paycor,” said Steven Dyme, co-founder and CEO, Flowers for Dreams. “Paycor’s tagline, ‘You want to make a difference. So do we.’ is perfectly aligned with ours. We want to make a difference, it’s built into our DNA, and we’re thrilled to have found a partner that not only fits our business needs, but is aligned with our values.”

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