Unlock the True Power of Employee Benefits

March 2, 2018

Employee benefits

Organizations that view their benefits packages solely as a cost of doing business are missing out on a true competitive advantage. As Paycor found from client data, one-on-one interviews and user groups used to create the HR Center of Excellence, high-performing HR teams recognize the critical role a diverse and competitive benefits package has on recruiting and retaining top talent.

In a recent article, Employee Benefits Adviser sat down with Paycor's Chief Human Resources Officer, Karen Crone, and Director of Product Marketing, Tim Ruge, to explore how Paycor's HR Center of Excellence challenges HR professionals' thinking when creating benefits strategies.

Job candidates and employees are analyzing benefits packages with greater detail than ever before. In fact, it's a top consideration for more than 57% of candidates when accepting a job. The ability to attract and retain top performers is dependent on an organization's commitment to offering a holistic benefits experience.

Here's a link to access the entire article.

Interested in learning more about Paycor's HR Center of Excellence? Discover the six pillars that drive HR success.

Then, take a look at all of the resources on employee benefits available to help you get the most out of your program. Click here to begin.

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