Your Plate Is Full: Remove Uncertainty with HR & Payroll

January 18, 2017


Your Plate Is Full: Remove Uncertainty with HR & Payroll

Food manufacturing is a competitive industry, and it’s important to stay on top of the technology, food and supply chain trends. But we know those aren’t the only challenges you face on a day to day basis. Recruitment, training and payroll management can prevent you from focusing on other aspects of your business.

Whether you work with coffee, tea, & beverages, produce & meat, baked goods & candy, or all of the above, profitability in your industry is driven by population growth and diet & consumption trends. A lot of that can be out of your hands, but efficiency in your HR, employee management and payroll processes is something you can control — and can help you control costs.

Start by recruiting the best. As automation increases across the industry, the skill sets employees need are changing from manual labor to machine operation. As the economy improves, it can become even harder to find (and keep) skilled employees.

Retain institutional knowledge. Hiring the right people is only the first step. Food manufacturing faces high turnover, and that means you can lose a lot of time training new hires. You can also lose the valuable knowledge and skills of employees who move on. That’s why training is vital. The right onboarding program can instill your company’s best practices in new hires, make new employees feel welcome and ensure that they want to stick around. You won’t have to worry about lost institutional knowledge if you keep the right people to begin with.

Newton’s Applicant Tracking solution can help you know where and how to recruit the right people, and Paycor’s HR software lets you manage and store performance reviews, benefits enrollment, and other employee documents, making it easier and more time-efficient to track the progress of your employees.

Make it easy for employees to track their time. Once you have the right people in place, get rid of paperwork hurdles and hard to understand timekeeping software. Paycor’s intuitive timekeeping systems help you create and share schedules, track time off requests, approve time cards, and get the big picture view of your timekeeping needs. Paycor offers ONE place to access employee records, monitor hours worked, and process payroll. That means you aren’t wasting time re-entering the same data in multiple spreadsheets and platforms.

Don’t let payroll management bottleneck your productivity. Less paperwork and system management means your managers, supervisors, and employees can stress less and use their time more efficiently: on the production floor, in client visits, or designing that next great supply chain innovation. Paycor’s payroll solutions are designed to work on tablets and phones too, so no matter how your employees track their time, they’ll have access to their payroll history. Pay stubs and W-2/1099 forms are stored online, so when employees have questions they can often find the answers themselves.

Paycor is a leader in HR and payroll solutions with more than 30 years of experience across multiple industries. Our All-in-One HR and payroll platform provides instant access to employee data without switching between multiple platforms and screens. Plus, when you need support you’ll be calling a dedicated team who knows how to work for you, not a switchboard operator in a call center. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to walk you through a demonstration to show how Paycor can help you save time, get to work and set the table for success.

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