2017 Kickoff: What Business Leaders Need to Know Now

January 9, 2017


2017 Kickoff: What Business Leaders Need to Know Now

As we turn the calendar to 2017, we’re faced with more uncertainty than in years past. A new administration will take office on January 20, which could signal future compliance changes and new government regulations. What those changes may be and how they will affect businesses is still to be determined, but Paycor is keeping a close eye on any developments that will impact compliance, the HR industry and taxes for our clients.

We’ve assembled our 2017 whitepaper, “What Business Leaders Need to Know Now”, focusing on four critical areas that will play a role in HR management decisions throughout the year and beyond. Here’s a primer of what you need to know along with a link to access the entire document.

Compliance: Be Safe, Not Sorry
What will compliance look like in 2017? It’s still too early to tell, but there’s a good chance regulations could become more complex as laws are revised and changes take shape. Whatever the future holds, compliance will be top of mind and regulations like the Affordable Care Act, Department of Labor overtime regulations, Equal Employment Opportunity and more will likely be impacted. Stay tuned to our resource center for the latest information to keep your organization compliant.

Recruiting & Hiring: Break Through and Get Noticed
On the recruiting and hiring front, expect to see hard-to-fill jobs continue to be, well, hard to fill. At the same time, your dream candidate will become even more fickle and difficult to attract. Download the whitepaper to learn what you need to do to optimize your recruiting processes, attract the best talent and stay competitive in a tight labor market.

HR: Make it More than Just Administration
Human Resource practitioners wear many hats and as a result, they often get bogged down with administrative tasks, especially in a paper-based environment. If you or a colleague fits this description, we will show you how to make 2017 the year HR contributes even more strategic value to your organization.

Engagement: Learn to Crack the Code
There’s a lot you can do to foster a culture of employee engagement. From making greater connection with your employees to recognizing a job well done and offering the support they need to grow, leaders must focus on every aspect of the employee experience to drive engagement.

No matter what transpires over the coming year, rest assured that Paycor’s solutions and dedicated service will support your success behind the scenes so you can focus on what you know best: how to run your business. Remember, this was just a preview of what’s to come in 2017.

Download the Whitepaper

To read the entire 2017 Kickoff, click here to download the whitepaper, “What Business Leaders Need to Know Now.”

We’re just a phone call away. Contact us to learn how our suite of people management solutions, from recruiting and onboarding to HR, payroll and time, will help your organization become more efficient.

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