A Simpler Way to Manage Wage Garnishments

April 28, 2017


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For many employers, understanding requirements and accurately processing wage garnishments can be a complex and challenging task – not to mention the sensitivity involved with managing these requirements with affected employees. To help relieve this burden, Paycor has created a solution to simplify managing wage garnishments.

Paycor’s wage garnishment solutions eliminate employers from managing complex requirements and additional administrative responsibilities while ensuring accurate and timely processing. Here’s a look at the benefits of each service.

Wage Garnishment Processing Service

  • Paycor will create, calculate, deduct and disburse garnishments on behalf of clients.
  • Garnishment set-up and disbursement is handled by a dedicated team of experts who will ensure that garnishments are processed accurately and disbursed to the appropriate creditor.
  • For payments that cannot be made electronically, Paycor will create and distribute payable checks directly to the court/agency.
  • For creditor garnishments, bankruptcies, and tax levies, Paycor will make the payments electronically if the payee accepts an ACH transactions. Otherwise Paycor will handle the mailing of the payment to these payees for you.
  • Paycor will create and maintain Child Support garnishments on employees and remit those payments electronically when applicable.

Paycor partners with more than 30,000 organizations on every aspect of people management, from recruiting and onboarding to HR, time, benefits and payroll. To learn more about the unique garnishment services Paycor offers, click here to schedule a conversation with one of our representatives.


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