Paycor’s Unique Approach to Creating a Personalized Client Experience

October 17, 2017

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Creating an unforgettable experience for customers is a goal that organizations strive to achieve every day, but the details behind accomplishing this feat often go unnoticed. In a recent Forbes article, contributor Adrian Swinscoe took an in-depth look at the strategies and philosophies Paycor and two other companies use to create a personalized client experience.

Since 1990, providing clients with the technology and personalized support to make a difference has been Paycor’s calling card. And even as Paycor has grown to serve more than 30,000 clients nationwide, its passion for listening to clients has never wavered. Paycor continues to enhance the client experience by introducing events where clients can connect with peers to share industry knowledge and best practices. These events have also allowed members of Paycor’s product teams to meet with clients to understand how new functionality or product enhancements can improve their performance.

The piece also highlights the role data and analytics play in delivering memorable client experiences and how simply having data is not enough. “When we look at data, we focus on uncovering the motivation behind the behavior,” said Mark Wilson, Paycor’s Senior Director of Customer Transformation. “Rather than only focusing on the analytics, we look at what are the drivers behind our calls and support requests. This allows us to take a more holistic approach to achieving a personalized experience.”

Unlock more secrets to creating a personalized client experience in the entire Forbes article here.

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