How to Choose the Right HR & Payroll Partner for Your Organization

March 10, 2017


How to Choose the Right HR & Payroll Partner

Searching for and evaluating HR and payroll providers can be overwhelming. For one, it’s a crowded marketplace, with recognizable brands, new startups and catchy buzzwords appearing every day. And then there’s the simple reality that the world of HR technology is changing so quickly, it’s difficult for insiders to keep up, much less business owners and executives with a never-ending to-do list. As you review HR systems and evaluate choosing the right partner, help make your search easier by focusing on the most important things to look for.

IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS: Transferring data from one provider to another can be a time-consuming and daunting task, especially if you’re required to complete most the heavy lifting. Ask potential providers how they manage implementation and what your role will be throughout the process. But don’t always take their word for it. Read reviews on the implementation process to see what other customers are saying about their experience. You’ll find that some providers ask new clients to fill out multiple spreadsheets with information while others have dedicated teams who ensure that your involvement is minimal. Your provider should instill peace of mind from day one by giving you all the details, providing you with a timeline and letting you know who specifically will be handling each aspect of your implementation.

USER EXPERIENCE: The sales demonstration is an important part of the buying process that allows you to see the functionality of the HR system and how it will address your needs. This is your time to ask tough questions to ensure it’s the right fit for you, so don’t hold back. Many providers woo customers with fancy demonstrations and dashboards that ultimately do not meet your needs. Also, great applications shouldn’t be difficult to learn—they should guide you through processes in a logical way that’s easy for you to remember and train employees. When assessing a system’s ease-of-use, think of the casual user, not an HR or payroll “power user.” The system you choose should be easy enough for your employees and managers to navigate.

COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT: There’s a lot of debate right now about what the future of compliance and business regulation will be under a Trump administration. One thing’s for certain: compliance isn’t going away, it’s just changing. Even if compliance eventually gets simplified at the federal level, it could become even more complex at the state and local levels. That’s why it’s critical to seek out an HR and payroll platform that focuses on compliance. Always prepare for the worst-case scenario: what if an auditor shows up and needs immediate access to time and attendance data? If your data is stored in multiple spreadsheets—or worse, not tracked or stored at all—that’s going to be a problem. Fortunately, it’s a relatively easy problem to avoid with the right partner.

REPORTING: Did you know that most business professionals spend 72% of their time organizing data and only 28% of their time on value-added analysis? More and more organizations are focusing on long-term strategic planning that requires accurate data to forecast critical business decisions like hiring projections and budget increases. The more information you can gather about your people and your business, the more prepared you will be to plan for the future. Look for an HR system that offers instant access to the data you need. Your system should be able to quickly generate meaningful reports with just a few mouse clicks.

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