Newton Launches Interview Scorecards to Help Companies Make Better Hiring Decisions

June 28, 2017

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New Product Delivers Advanced Functionality to Gather Consistent, Structured Quantitative and Qualitative Interview Scores to Select the Best Candidate

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 28, 2017) - Newton, a Paycor company, today announced the availability of Interview Scorecards, an interview rating system that enables HR professionals to assign a quantitative rating to new hire candidates. This new functionality allows companies to create interview tool kits that not only make better hiring decisions, but also quickly identify internal employees with the most successful hiring rates.

The release of Interview Scorecards marks an evolution in Newton's approach to helping employers recruit and hire top talent. Building on nearly a decade of developing features to assist employers in automating the most iterative tasks in recruiting, like sending follow up emails and scheduling interviews, Interview Scorecards empowers HR and recruiting professionals to take a more strategic approach to hiring.

By setting up interview tool kits for any job at any interview stage, interviewers become accountable for asking questions that assess specific traits of job candidates. The outcome is twofold. First, hiring managers and recruiters get a decisive, aggregate view of interviewer feedback with which to make evidence-based hiring decisions.

Furthermore, Newton now can keep track of individual raters' average interview scores. By capturing the numeric trend of an interviewer, you get a view of how accurate a hirer is on identifying great hires. Essentially, Newton creates a win rate or "batting average" for a person's hiring record, showing who is most prone to making the best hiring decisions, in addition to uncovering opportunities for training and development.

Some additional benefits of Interview Scorecards include:

  • Improve the subjectivity and fairness of interviews (removing common biases)
  • Enhance interview preparation process
  • Engage teams to collaborate more effectively
  • Accelerate time to fill positions by driving better hiring decisions

"The first generation of applicant tracking systems (ATS) were simply databases that stored information. The second generation has focused on increased productivity through automation. We're taking Newton users to the next generation where we are designing tools that help people make better hires, lowering turnover and creating more productive work environments," said Joel Passen, Co-Founder at Newton.

Passen goes on to say, "Building better teams starts with selecting the right people. Our Interview Scorecard functionality is way ahead of the what's already on the market, and we've just gotten started."

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