Quality Supply Chain Co-op and Paycor Announce Partnership

December 1, 2016

Quality Supply Chain Co-op and Paycor Announce Partnership

CINCINNATI, OH – Nov. 29, 2016 (PRWEB) – Paycor, provider of cloud-based onboarding, HR, payroll and timekeeping software, proudly announces a new strategic partnership with Quality Supply Chain Co-op (QSCC), the independent purchasing cooperative for Wendy’s restaurants.

Through this agreement, Paycor becomes the only all-in-one HR and payroll offering currently under contract with QSCC for the Wendy’s system.

Paycor is committed to providing franchisees with targeted HR and payroll solutions that meet their unique needs. The company offers solutions to help Wendy’s franchisees maximize their efficiency and profitability, while delivering customized reporting that provides greater visibility into labor costs and other important metrics. Paycor’s technology platform, including an Aloha import feature and Affordable Care Act reporting, helps franchisees overcome challenges, streamline time-consuming processes and achieve continued growth, making it an ideal partner for QSCC.

Through Paycor’s new partnership with QSCC, Wendy’s franchisees not only receive exclusive pricing, but they are supported by Paycor’s Franchise Client Service team. The team provides Wendy’s-dedicated service associates who know the Wendy’s brand and are familiar with the common challenges faced by franchisees. A high level of service and Paycor’s extensive experience with the franchisee community were key to QSCC’s decision to partner with the company.

Learn more about how Paycor helps franchises streamline their operations to grow their organizations.

Supporting Quotes
“Paycor has deep experience with franchisee organizations, which allows us to understand the challenges they face. Our solutions are created to help them overcome those obstacles and run their operations more smoothly,” said Bob Coughlin, CEO of Paycor. "We are excited to be the first all-in one Human Capital Management strategic partner for QSCC. Our hope is that this partnership will allow more Wendy’s franchisees to automate the cumbersome tasks associated with HR and payroll, and focus their energy on growing their business.”

“For QSCC, what really made Paycor stand out from its competitors was a dedicated service team and the accountability that results from that organizational structure,” said John Inwright, President of QSCC. “We believe this dedicated team will provide Wendy’s franchisees with personalized attention and consistent, high-quality customer service.”

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