How to Conduct a Mid-Year Review

July 6, 2017

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Evaluate Your HR Systems: 5 Key Questions

Summer is the perfect time to evaluate your HR system. Ask tough questions, and you could save a significant amount of time and money come fall. To conduct a true mid-year review, here are the five key questions you need to ask:

#1: How much time do you (really) spend recordkeeping? Before you answer, think about it. How much of your day is spent hunting for information across paper documents, Excel files and throughout your sprawling HR system? If your HR solution is not unified – if everything’s not in one place, and if you have multiple records that prevent you from accessing employee data easily – recordkeeping will be a major headache.

Solution: You need an HR platform that enables you to access and manage all employee records and tasks at a single point.

#2 Is your employee self-service effort keeping them engaged? If your employees don’t like engaging with your HR platform, you’re going to face a major hurdle in nearly every aspect of your business. Is your HR system working intuitively with them or against them? Do they consider it a time suck or a value-add? If employees are not on friendly terms with your HR software, you need a new solution.

Solution: Your HR platform should offer a place where you can post company updates and put employee “to-do’s” front and center. Most of all, it must connect to you employees wherever they go, through an engaging self-service platform and mobile access.

#3. How does your HR system handle processes and workflows? Spending hours reviewing changes and chasing down employees to approve every task is no fun at all. And connecting managers to employee tasks can be a complex, even tricky process, at best.

Solution: An HR tech platform that delivers unlimited workflows will make it much easier to get managers involved. The idea here is to be able to input any task in an HR system to send approval or notification emails, for as many employees as necessary (no limit). That way, you can reduce your workload and employee tasks through unlimited workflow management.

#4. Does your HR system offer modern performance metrics? If managers and reports resist engaging with your performance review system, and if feedback in general is not supported and streamlined by your system, your organization will experience turnover and lower overall engagement.

*Solution: Look to a more modern performance management solution that allows for sharing at any frequency (yearly reviews are no longer working), and provides critical features such as question format customization and side-by-side reviews. Performance management is changing, for the better. You need a fresh approach to elevate your performance reviews and improve employee engagement. *

#5. Are you approaching (and enjoying) a near-paperless process yet? By now, anyone still using paper-based record keeping knows that seemingly endless paper files and disorganized employee records are a complete drag on both accuracy and productivity. If your HR managers are drowning in paper and Excel, it’s time for a change.

Solution: An effective HR system reduces paper by sharing, signing and storing all company documents on a cloud-based platform. This might be the simplest way to save time and money.

Change is hardly ever fun, or easy. But asking tough questions about your HR systems is one of the most important things you can do this summer (other than take a vacation!).

As you evaluate systems, check out what our HR solution has to offer. And if you have any questions, start a conversation with one of our HR experts who can provide you and your team with a customized demonstration.

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